Welcome to my page! My name is Clara Aranda, I’m a twenty-one-year-old fashion designer based in Copenhagen.


I have a Bachelor of Fashion Design in VIA Design UC in Herning, Denmark,  I was born in Spain where I have always lived until I started my university in Denmark.

My design identity is usually inspired by the nature, art, my background and family. I enjoy using a story telling and symbolism to express the message, the meaning and values of the collection. 

Clara Aranda´s essence is characterized by the organic silhouettes, the improvising of different pattern techniques to achieve different types of shapes in the garments. Also, the use of prints in a very balance way. The colour palette I always use is based on beige, nudes and pastel colours combined them with white and black (only for details). 

The collections are modern and dreamy with a lot of feminine details and the Mediterranean essence where I come from. 

My design aesthetics are feminine and delicate, focussing on details, using silk like fabrics and very soft and light, but combining them with canvas or a thick / strong fabric. prints and a soft colour palette are very characteristic in my design identity. 

My designs are made for a group of people with strong values based on open minded, diversity, sustainability, powerful and independent, elegant and sophisticated.