The inspiration started with the painting of El Guernica (Picasso). 

In july 1936 the Spanish Civil War started. In april was the shooting and booms attact against the city of Guernica (in the north of Spain) with the German and Italian aviations. When this news arrived to Picasso (who was living in Paris at the moment), he decided to do a painting about to represent Spain in an expo- sition. 

The painting is a mix of expressionism, surrealism and cubism. Picasso wanted to express the feeling of horror and suffernes of the war. 

I got inspired by one of the elements in the composition: The dead soldier who is holding a flower and a broken swar, as a symbol of hope for the war to end and for society to change. 

The main theme of the colecction is the hope for a better humanity, no more violence, peace and love. 

I was inspired by the military cloathing and the work wear of the style period (1930-1940s) and I convined with the modern look of a contemporary men, soft colours, clean cuts, utility...